Why packaging matters.

Packaging has a big impact on brand image and customer experience. Not only the design but also the colors play a distinctive role in this matter. E.g. the beer bottle and the box BigFish developed for the Cambodian market. In this market, showing off with luxury is part of the culture. All the reason why we created a label with a sacred name, SAKRUM, and a distinctive golden box.

If you visit a Samsonite shop in whatever airport in the world, you will find more of our work. BigFish has been crafting packaging for Samsonite, Lipault, American Tourister and more.
We create, we advise and we make packaging a part of your marketing strategy. Our 3D renderings will help you make the best choices.

If the box matters for you, don’t hesitate to drop a note or even better: call us and you will get the answers right away.