How to read your data to optimize your content marketing


Many marketeers still struggle daily with bending figures into actions. Partly because they don’t know which figures matter and which ones don’t. They still hold on to strategies which can’t deliver what was originally planned. It’s a case of adjusting. Just like a sailor who has to luff up or tighten his sail due to changeable wind.

Page views aren’t relevant

Page views have little to do with the real target that you want to reach. Despite it, page views are for many the foundation of their measurement system. However, how can you know that a visit to your website is a relevant visitor? For instance, if you organize a conference you don’t want just anybody to visit it. No, you only want supply chain managers of chemical companies to visit, because they are your target audience.
Obvious, but how do you know if your content reaches the right audience?

Here are some pointers:

Measure engagement

The amount of people you reach is of undoubtedly importance. However more important is knowing if they are interested in what you offer. You can verify this thanks to the engagement of your visitors: how long do they stay, for example? Research shows that if people are engaging with your story for more than 3 minutes, there is a 50% higher chance they will return. Therefore, you can detect interest thanks to the duration of their visits.

You can learn from bad figures

If you detect the opposite, namely visitors leaving content within 15 seconds, this is a sign something is wrong. Maybe they accidently reached the wrong page, or your title is misleading or is it perhaps possible that your story isn’t interesting enough? Worst case, your content is just plain annoying.

Use design as a thread

Don’t forget that bad design is one the most important reasons why people quickly leave your website. Design is a visual language and visual language is so much stronger than words.