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How to boost your content marketing with your mission statement


Many companies have a mission statement that makes no sense whatsoever. They use complex phrases that cause them to miss the goals they aim for. However, a strong mission statement is nevertheless an important foundation for your content marketing.
In this post you’ll discover how to create a mission statement to be proud of and moreover, one you can work with.

A mission statement offers focus

A mission statement takes you back to the core values. Rockstart, for example, is a company you want to sit down with and build a solid campaign for your start-up. Showpad is your ideal partner if you want to bring your marketeers and sales persons together and SpinWest is your soundboard if you  live in West Flanders and want to start a spin-off. The focus of your mission statement defines the goals you try to achieve, why you are better than your competitors and how you distinguish yourself from them.

A mission statements starts with a brand voice

Brand voice is more than just a buzzword that every trendy marketeer likes to throw around. Your brand voice is the personality of your brand. Without a brand voice, you can’t have a mission statement. (Read our post about Brand Voice for more information). So that is your starting point. However, don’t forget that companies aren’t capable to talk about themselves. People do the talking. Take a look at Materialize for instance. They are more than just a 3D printing company. They are the catalyst of a movement with a mission. Making 3D printing possible.

Our mission is to improve B2B communication

The statement above also applies to us. We don’t consider content a part of our sales funnel, but a part of our higher target: improving B2B communication. What comes down to making it more effective, but at the same time making it more fun for ourselves. Unfortunately, many people responsible for the communication or marketing in companies are only part-time available for the job. Most often, they are first and foremost a sales manager or general administrative personnel. However, communication or, more specifically, content marketing is a real profession on its own. It is our goal to make all our clients aware of the potential they possess.

Generate likeminded sales leads

People that have a strong focus and aim at a higher goal, win the sympathy of likeminded persons. Find your own identity and create a mission statement which you hold true. Not just one that looks good on paper, that won’t get you anywhere.