Brand voice. Just another meaningless buzzword or the essence of branding?


Brand Voice. It has become a trending topic for communication experts and marketers. But what is it? Brand Voice is the foundation of every single thing you do to give your brand a voice. A brand can only exist due to the image it projects.

A brand has a voice

A brand has a personality. You can compare it to a human being. Why are some people considered boring and others perceived to be fortune-hunters or innovators? It has everything to do with what you hear and see about that person. The same applies to a brand. The more a certain image is confirmed, the stronger it becomes.

Define your brand voice by anthropomorphizing it

Before we explain this, we should probably explain the word anthropomorphizing itself, and yes it really exists. It means to humanize something. This something you need to do with your brand. This is more than just linking some words and colors to your brand. It is a difficult but necessary exercise, because people want to identify themselves with your brand.

Which character traits do you want to assign to your brand

Brands that are doing well, including B2B brands, have a clear personality. Just think of Apple, Kickstarter, Google, Materialize and probably the leading company in your sector. Doesn’t it strike you that they don’t leave anything to chance. They are molding their image with respect to the content and on a visual level. And they regularly send out statements to their target audiences. They are always seen with the right company and doing this by letting something frequently know to their audience. They successfully exploit their brand voice. That is something you can also do with your brand. In order to do this however, you first need to create a personality for your brand. We’ll explain how.

Send your brand to a party

What do people do on a party with a lot of people they don’t know? They create an image of their selves by acting, talking, dressing  a certain way or even by (not) showing up. Other guests at this party will define your personality based on this behavior: geek, trustworthy, intellectual, adventurous… Send your brand to the party and give it the brand voice you want it to have.

Don’t walk in someone else’s shoes

Take care and avoid assigning  characteristics and values your brand doesn’t have. Don’t act like an adventurer, when you really like the safety of your own home. You will soon be exposed as a fraud at the party.

Our advice? Just do it. Start with this educational journey and create the foundation of your mission statement. Still don’t know how to define your brand voice or need some creative support? Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help inspire you.